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Lesson 5

Adding -er and -est

Spelling Focus: Here are four things to remember when adding -er and -est:

  • Some base words are not changed: small, smaller, smallest
  • In words that end with consonant-e, the e is dropped: large, larger, largest
  • In words that end in y, the y is changed to i: happy, happier, happiest
  • In one-syllable words that end with consonant-vowel-consonant, the final consonant is doubled: hot, hotter, hottest
  1. smaller
  2. smallest
  3. larger
  4. largest
  5. happier
  6. happiest
  7. hotter
  8. hottest
  9. sadder
  10. saddest
  11. deeper
  12. deepest
  13. closer
  14. closest
  15. scarier
  16. scariest
  17. funnier
  18. funniest
  19. fatter
  20. fattest

*indicates words that are most commonly misspelled by fourth graders in their writing.