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Lesson 23


Spelling Focus: A homophone is a word that sounds exactly like another word but has a different spelling and meaning: wood, would.
For this test, you will need to spell the correct version of the word to match the meaning I give. The words will be in MIXED UP ORDER on the test.

  1. wood (from a tree)
  2. would * (ex: They asked if I would help.)
  3. too * (also or more than enough)
  4. to (tells where, ex: Go to the store. pairs with a verb, ex: I like to swim.)
  5. two (the number word, 2)
  6. there * (place word, ex: over there)
  7. their * (they own something, ex: It is their house.)
  8. they're * (contraction for they are, ex: They're eating lunch.)
  9. your (you own something, ex: That is your bicycle.)
  10. you're * (contraction for you are, ex: You're going to get a Christmas tree.)
  11. beat (to bang on something, a rhythm in music)
  12. beet (a red vegetable)
  13. break (to make something fall apart or stop working)
  14. brake (to cause to stop or slow down)
  15. clothes (things you wear)
  16. close (to shut)
  17. piece (a part of something)
  18. peace (calm, opposite of war)
  19. thrown (past tense of throw)
  20. throne (a chair for a king or queen)

*indicates words that are most commonly misspelled by fourth graders in their writing.