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Lesson 34


Spelling Focus: To form possessives of

  • singular nouns, add and apostrophe and s: baby's
  • plural nouns that end in s, add only and apostrophe: babies'

On the test, you will need to be able to spell the correct version of the word (singular or plural). The list will be given in a different order than this one.

  1. Dad's
  2. friend's *
  3. girl's
  4. girls'
  5. teacher's
  6. teachers'
  7. baby's
  8. babies'
  9. family's
  10. families'
  11. grandma's
  12. grandpa's
  13. brother's
  14. brothers'
  15. boy's
  16. boys'
  17. aunt's
  18. aunts'
  19. lady's
  20. ladies'

*indicates words that are most commonly misspelled by fourth graders in their writing.