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Below are links to general resources that will enhance your writing.

  • Double Venn Diagram is good for comparing and contrasting two points-of-view, concepts, characters, etc.
  • Triple Venn Diagram is good for comparing and contrasting three opinions, concepts, characters, etc.
  • KWL chart is good for pre-reading activities, research direction, and organizing thoughts before a fieldtrip, WebQuest, or other exploration of a topic.
  • is an online combination of dictionary and thesaurus that also allows you to look up the meaning of phrases such as "let the cat out of the bag".
  • Word of the Day site will enhance even the best vocabulary!
  • EasyBib is a simple way to create a bibliography.

Try these places when doing research.

Practice typing online:

Below are links to other English and writing websites that may be of interest.

Below are links to family fun with English.