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Mini Society Basics

About Mini Society:

      In mid-March to early April, The fifth graders at Sacred Heart School  will begin Mini Society.  Mini Society, a program designed by the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurial Leadership and administered by the National Council for Economic Education, will soon bring real-life business and economics into our classroom.  It allows students to participate in building a new (and hopefully improved) society and experience economics at work.  This helps prepare students for earning and using money wisely and lays a foundation for entrepreneurship, as well as fulfilling economics and government outcomes set by the state of Kansas for fifth grade social studies curriculum.

      Through Mini Society, students will create their own country.  They will decide what form of government to use, choose the laws and customs that citizens will follow, design and print their own currency, and open businesses that meet the needs of their particular country’s inhabitants. 

      Along the way, parents and school staff will have opportunities to participate in special ways.  We ask that all adults please treat Mini-Society as a REAL society.  It is not a game or simulation; the country that our students create will operate as an independent, living, growing society.  The cultures, customs, and economic trends of our country will be unique and wonderful!  Parents, especially, will be given information and specific guidelines that are essential to making this project a success.  Please do ask questions of your child’s teacher if you are not sure of what kind of “help” is truly helpful!

      Please watch for exciting economics coming your way this spring!

Check out a brief PowerPoint presentation about Mini Society, created by Mrs. Barragree.