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Mini Society News Flash

Shoppers' Island News Flash!

Just the facts...

  • Country name: Shoppers' Island
  • Currency: DotumChe, in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, 55, 100
  • Civil Servants: Treasurer, Paymasters, Money Cutters, Interview Committee
  • Flag designer: Brady
  • Currency designers: soon to be decided!

Words we’ve learned...

scarcity, allocation strategies, minimum wage, civil servants, market mechanism, denominations, currency, application form, interview, imports, majority vote, plurality vote, and more!

Current and Upcoming events...
  • We have chosen our country's name and currency name!
  • Civil Servant interviews are wrapping up & we should soon know who will hold these important positions!
  • Our first Minimum Wage job day will be happening very soon!
  • We will soon print & cut our currency!

Thanks to...

  • Everyone who has donated or is donating items to our resource warehouse!
  • Everyone who is donating gift certificates for our scarcity activities!
  • Entrepreneurs everywhere who have inspired us, especially parents and relatives!
  • The Hess and Haymaker families for donating toward our final auction and Mini Society businesses field trip bus costs! (We still need more donations from businesses or families, if you would like to help.)


  • Most resources for making products to sell in Shoppers' Island should be purchased from the Resource Warehouse. For those things NOT purchased from the Resource Warehouse, there is a $5 maximum limit on the value of "imported" goods and materials per child.
  • Citizens of Shoppers' Island should be paying their parents and other family members or friends in Mini Society currency for any help, advice, and use of resources (such as scanners, printers, computers, etc.) that they are using for Mini Society purposes.
  • If you earn DotumChes to spend, you may shop on one of our upcoming Market Days, or use them to pay Shoppers' Island citizens for services they perform for you at home. Market Days will be announced once they start.

Please choose the Parent Information link for more information about import forms and parent participation in Mini Society.

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