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Profit or Loss Paragraph Frames


Fill in the blanks to complete the paragraph, based on the records you have kept for your personal money (or your business's money).

Profit/Loss* Paragraph Frame for __________________

     During Mini Society, I have earned _________ bigbangbucks.  I have earned these by _________________________________________, ____________________________________________________, and __________________________________.  I have also spent ____________ bigbangbucks.  Things that I have purchased with my bigbangbucks are _____________________, ____________________, _______________________________, and ___________________.  I have purchased these things for __________________________________. When I subtract the number of bigbangbucks that I have spent from the number of bigbangbucks that I have earned, my (profit/loss*) was __________ bigbangbucks.

*Circle "profit" if you have money left after the subtraction. Circle "loss" if you still owe money, and the number you have left after the subtraction is a negative number.