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Research Project Directions

Presentation Format (Pick one):

  • Power Point presentation
  • poster
  • magazine or newspaper page

Required Elements:

  • 5 essential questions (get teacher approval) about the topic
  • answer all 5 questions in detail, using research from print and online sources; look for multiple points-of-view
  • at least one picture or diagram (include explanatory caption)
  • at least one graph (include explanatory caption)
  • group or individual partners' opinion(s) about the topic and reasons for the opinion(s) based on research
  • sources referenced
  • title or headline
  • group members names
  • all partners participate respectfully in researching, creating, and presenting the project

Presentation Expectations:

  • well organized
  • easy to understand
  • creative
  • uses color well
  • letters should be appropriate sizes and fonts
  • correct conventions (spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar)
  • pictures should be clear, focused, and not distorted (squashed or stretched)
  • neat

Presentation Scoring Rubric:

View rubric online at RubiStar from

This rubric ID # is: 1427310

You may also refer to the paper copy of this rubric provided by your teacher.