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Six-Trait Revision & Editing Guide


Ideas and Content:

I have included interesting details.

My reader can easily “see” what is happening.  (describe using 5 senses)

I have told the reader why things happen.

There is no “missing” information.


I have let the reader know what I really think.

My reader can feel emotion in my writing.

I have used unique words and phrases.

I have added dialog between characters that moves the story along.


This piece of writing has a beginning, middle, and an end.

The first sentence catches the reader’s attention.

The middle has lots of information about my topic.

There are no “extra” sentences that don’t seem to fit.

Everything is in the right order.  (Power writing…)

I have written a conclusion (Terminator) that ties my ideas together.

I did NOT write “The End” on my paper.

Sentence Fluency:

Some sentences are short, and some are long.

My sentences begin in different ways.

I do not have the same word used over and over.

What I have written is easy to read aloud.

This sounds good when it is read aloud.

Word Choice:

I have taken out ordinary words (stuff, nice, good, run, things, etc.)

I have used a thesaurus to find replacements for the “ordinary” words, and understand the meaning of the new words that I am using.

I have used strong verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases.

I have used interesting and descriptive words.

I have used subject nouns (not pronouns) in most of my sentences.



There is a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence.

There is a punctuation mark at the end of every sentence.

All names are capitalized.

I have looked up the spelling of words I’m not sure about.

I have fixed my spelling.

When I finished a paragraph, I started the first sentence of the next paragraph on a new line after it, but did not skip any extra lines in between the two paragraphs.

The first line of every paragraph is indented.

I have quotation marks around the words that characters said.