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Specialty Project

Click on the project part to access its directions & rubric. Examples are often linked from the directions pages.

Date Due Specialty Project Part Mostly Completed at:
Tues. 9-2-14 
Wed. 9-3-14
Topic and Contract home
Fri. 11-21-14 Specialist Description with picture school
Fri. 11-21-14 Title Page school
Fri. 10-3-14 Nouns school
Tues. 10-21-14 Adjectives school
Tues. 10-21-14 Bookmark home
Fri. 12-5-14 Poem school
Fri. 12-12-14 Number Facts school
Thurs. 12-18-14 Story Problems school
Thurs. 1-8-15 Business Cards home
Fri. 1-16-15 Article Summary school
Wed. 2-11-15 Stamp home
Mon. 3-9-15 Postmaster General Letter school
Fri. 3-6-15 Questions and Answers school
Thurs. 3-26-15 Game home
Thurs. 4-16-15 Creative Story school
Tues. 4-28-15 ABC Book home
Wed. 4-22-15 When I'm 80... school
Mon. 5-4-15 Source Record Keeping school & home
  Table of Contents school
Tues. 5-19-15 Specialty Fair Display Board (optional) home

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