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Most Frequently Misspelled Words

Lots of words on your spelling lists are marked with asterisks *. These are the words that are misspelled the most by students your age.

Pay special attention to these frequently misspelled words as you read, write, and practice your spelling words.

too again everybody happened would
a lot they off heard are
because Christmas through I enough
there went friends whole except
their until swimming didn't friend's
favorite outside want first probably
that's said you're watch upon
our we're another people vacation
when sometimes beautiful always brought
really different I'm took house
they're where let's everyone might
were caught then morning myself
it's chocolate believe school basketball
know friend cousin something hospital
finally into especially with opened

* Research in Action is a research project conducted in 1990-1993. This list of frequently misspelled words is one result of an analysis of 18,599 unedited compositions. Words are listed in the order of their frequency of misspelling.