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Spelling Practice Strategies

  • Practice your words aloud on the first day, and in writing each day after that.
  • If you have trouble tackling the entire list all at once, learn seven words well on the first day, review those seven and learn seven more on the second day, and review the fourteen and learn six more on the third day.  On the fourth and fifth days, review all words.
  • Using Scrabble tiles and a Scrabble board, put at least 15 words on the board.  Repeat with other words.
  • Print a copy of the word list, cut it apart, and alphabetize the words.
  • Sort your words into categories.  These could be by spelling pattern, part of speech, easy-to-remember and hard-to-remember, or any other categories you find helpful.
  • Try making up funny sentences to remember the letters in the word.  For example, to remember how to spell "chief", you could create a sentence that says "Can he ignore elephants flying?"
  • Look up the definition of each word.
  • Create a crossword puzzle and/or word search using the words.
  • Write a story using as many of the words as possible in it.
  • Write a story using the words in alphabetical order.
  • Use as many of the words as possible in your conversation each week.
  • Use clay or play-doh to form letters and make the words that are really tough to remember. Write them in a shallow pan of flour with your finger. Paint them with water onto a sidewalk or wooden deck. Write them outside with sidewalk chalk.
  • Finger-spell your words in sign language.
  • "Rainbow Write" the word.  Write it once, then using a different color, write around each letter. Continue going around each letter in different colors. Say the letters as you write around them, then say the word each time you finish with one color.