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Mini Society Constitution

Kabozahambizdizdim 2005-2006


We the serene citizens of Kabozahambizdizdim, in order to form a more prosperous and flawless society, establish conformity to the law, insure a less corrupt society, provide for the common protection, promote the general well-being, and secure the blessings of freedom from oppression and tyranny to ourselves and our companions, do decree and install this Constitution for the residents of Kabozahambizdizdim.

How our government is organized:

Kabozahambizdizdim will have a democractic government.

The legislative branch will consist of the citizens of Kabozahambizdizdim, who will make laws during Townhall meetings, by following parliamentary procedure.

The executive branch will consist of two security officers (one male, one female), who are responsible for enforcing the sentences made by the judge.  Security officers will be elected by Kabozahambizdizdim citizens during a Townhall meeting.

The judicial branch will consist of a judge elected by the citizens of Kabozahambizdizdim, and a jury made up of three citizens chosen by the judge at the time of a trial.

We will use the following Parliamentary Procedure:

  • Every citizen must be present for the Townhall meeting
  • The leader of the Townhall meeting reads the first item on the agenda
  • The citizens discuss the item from the agenda
    • A citizen must raise his/her hand, and have the Townhall meeting leader call on him/her to be able to say something.
    • The citizen must stay on topic with the agenda item.
  • A citizen may make a motion about the topic.
  • The motion must be seconded.
  • If the motion is seconded, the citizens discuss the motion.
  • All citizens vote (in favor, opposed, abstaining)
  • A motion passes if the majority of the citizens present at the time of the vote are in favor of the motion.
  • The Townhall meeting leader will move on to the next agenda item.

Kabozahambizdizdim will employ the following civil servants, at a rate of pay agreed upon by the society:

  • Interview Committee
    • Interview citizens for the positions of Paymaster, Treasurer, and Money Cutter.
    • Choose the citizens who will do the above mentioned civil servant jobs, and keep track of runners-up.
    • Announce to the public who received the positions.
  • Treasurer
    • Supervise the moneycutters
    • Keep records of the community’s money
    • Distribute money to paymasters and ensure that paymasters pay their constituents
    • Decide if currency is damaged and cannot be used
  • Paymasters
    • Keep records of constituents who do minimum wage jobs and civil servant jobs.
    • Get money from the Treasurer to pay their constituents.
    • Keep track of their constituents’ import forms.
  • Money Cutters
    • Cut the money out.
    • Give all of the currency back to the Treasurer.
  • Judge (unpaid position)
    • Decide if a case is worthy of the court’s time.
    • Hear and decide major court cases.
    • Select three people as a jury for each trial.
    • Tell the people involved in the trial when to come to court.
    • Sets the punishment if a person is found guilty.
  • Security Officers (unpaid position)
    • Enforcing the sentences given by the judge.
  • Townhall Meeting President (unpaid position)
    • Decide if a topic is worthy of the Townhall Meeting’s time.
    • Hold the Agenda board and announce each topic for discussion.
    • Acknowledge citizens who wish to speak and are raising their hands.
    • Tell citizens who are not following the rules to leave the meeting.
    • Count and record votes.
  • Townhall Meeting Vice President (unpaid position)
    • Fill in when the President is not at the Townhall Meeting.
  • Record Keeper for Laws (unpaid position)
    • Write down all laws made during the Townhall Meeting.
    • Post the list of laws on the back board.

Citizens of Kabozahambizdizdim have the following rights and responsibilities:

  • All citizens are allowed to perform minimum wage jobs (wear hat, sunglasses, and sing the national anthem) every Mini Society day.
  • All citizens have the right to spend their money to purchase goods or services.
  • All citizens must attend the Townhall Meeting when they are present on a Mini Society day.
  • All citizens have the right to participate in Townhall Meeting discussions, make motions, and vote, unless they have been sent out for breaking the rules of the Townhall Meeting.
  • All citizens have the right to advertise, except for at the Townhall Meeting.
  • All citizens have the right to ask the judge for a trial.
  • All citizens have the right to rent their property.
  • All citizens must serve on a jury if the Judge asks them to do so.
  • All citizens have the right to import items for sale in Mini Society up to a total of $3 (American), with a completed import form.  These forms go to the importer’s paymaster, who is responsible for keeping track of totals, and checking that imported items have forms.

Kabozahambizdizdim Laws:

  • Only the Treasurer may access the community’s money.
  • A citizen’s property is their locker, desk, and all contents.
  • No yelling in Townhall Meetings.
  • Using property is defined as:
    • Sitting on someone’s desk or chair
    • Setting items on someone’s desk
    • Advertising on someone’s desk or locker
    • Marking or writing on someone’s property
    • Taking something from someone’s desk or locker
  • You may not take anything without the owner’s permission.
  • You must use your own chair for Townhall Meetings.
  • You may not follow someone around the room without their permission.
  • You may not sell a product that is identical to another company’s product.
  • If there are more than two customers at a business, form a line.
  • If you donate an item to the Resource Warehouse, you must wait one Mini Society day before purchasing it from the warehouse.
  • Anything purchased from the Resource Warehouse must be used for your business.
  • Anything sold becomes the property of the person who bought it.

Approved this Twenty-second day of May in the year 2006 by the undersigned citizens of Kabozahambizdizdim.

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