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Steps for Spelling & Problem Parts

Review the steps for spelling: Here is a spelling strategy you should use when learning to spell a new word. Read it over step by step.

  1. Look at the word. Say it and listen to the sounds.
  2. Spell the word aloud.
  3. Think about the spelling. Do you notice anything special that you need to remember?
  4. Picture the word with your eyes shut.
  5. Look at the word and write it.
  6. Cover the word and picture it. Write the word again and check its spelling.

Discover the problem parts strategy:

If some words are still hard for you to spell, try the Problem Parts Strategy:

  1. Think: Which part of the word gives me a problem?
  2. Underline your problem part: wrong
  3. Picture the word: Focus on your problem part.
  4. Quiz: Have a partner quiz you on your problem words.
  5. Check: Look at what you have written. Is it correct, or do you need more practice?

Also try these other Spelling Practice Strategies.