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Abstract Noun Poem

(8th grade)

Focus: understand abstract nouns, write an imaginative poem using similes

(Writing 8.3d, 8.5, 8.6, 8.10; Language 8.1, 8.2, 8.5, 8.6; Speaking & Listening 8.5)

*This project is adapted from a lesson by Steven Harrison aka. UnicornTeaching, a British English teacher.

Project Directions:

  • Identify abstract nouns as having positive, negative, or neutral connotations.
  • Choose one abstract noun that you would like to write about as a poem.
  • Complete the brainstorm sheet to gather ideas related to your abstract noun - this requires use of your imagination!
  • Use the best ideas from your brainstorm sheet to write a detailed draft of an abstract noun poem. Follow the "poem frame" to guide you. You may substitute "as ___ as" instead of "like" on some of the poems lines, or you may follow the poem frame as it is given.
  • Revise your poem's content - add specific details, replace weak words with more evocotive word choices, etc.
  • Peer edit your draft for content and conventions.
  • Type a final copy of your poem.
  • Paste your final copy of the poem into the class "Abstract Nouns Poetry" Google Slides document. Format your poem's text font, size, color, etc. to match the mood of your poem.
  • Be prepared to share your abstract noun poem with the class.