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Contact the Teacher

I am best reached via email, as it is checked several times throughout the day, and I can get to it from home if I am out of the building during the day.  I will be more able to respond to simple questions or comments via email, also.

Please note that per Archdiocese guidelines, no student progress information will be shared via email. If you wish to discuss your child's progress or have a concern, please email me to set up a time to meet in person, or to have a phone conference.

"Drop-in" conferences regarding student progress or parental concerns are not permitted. You do need to arrange in advance a time to meet with the teacher.

Parents should always enter the school building through the front doors, and sign in with the office. Parents should not seek entry through the "middle school" doors, unless they are picking up their children from After School Care after 4:30 p.m.

Students who wish to speak with me regarding homework difficulties or other concerns do not need a pre-arranged meeting time. They are always welcome to come to my classroom before the official start of the school day (I'm usually there by 7:30), during study hall, or after school. Homework questions should be addressed with the teacher before the start of the subject/class that is concerned if at all possible.

You are also welcome to call and leave a message on the classroom answering machine system, and I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.  This often depends on whether I have enough time when the students are out of the classroom to make a private phone call, and what meetings I have scheduled for after school that day.

(913) 422-5520 ext. 231

For messages, such as dismissal changes, that are important to be received in a more immediate time-frame, please call the school office and speak with one of the school secretaries.  They are very good about passing that information on to me.

(913) 422-5520