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Mrs. Barragree's fifth grade website

Mrs. Barragree's fourth grade website


Check your child's assignment book for daily assignments!

Long-term projects and upcoming tests are noted on the class homepage for Mrs. Barragree's class. You can also visit the Middle School Homework document to see the daily homework summary, as well as some upcoming test dates & project deadlines for all middle school classes collected in one place. Be sure to use the correct grade-level tab at the bottom, and refer to your own class schedule if assignments differ between class hours! Students are expected to write in their planners and be attentive to directions at school, as teachers will include additional details or updates in class.

You may find directions for major projects, as well as some class-notes and study guides, by following the subject-area link tabs at the top of any page in this site. Additional websites that support each concept are also provided through the subject-area pages.

Details on scoring for homework, daily work, and tests, as well as information about making corrections or retakes will be noted in the class syllabus for each subject.

See also Answering Texbook Questions for a step-by-step approach that works for Science, Social Studies, Reading, and more!