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Mrs. Barragree's fifth grade website

Mrs. Barragree's fourth grade website

A Peek at This Week

Welcome to Mrs. Barragree's middle school website!

 We will be Studying:

*Note: There are tabs for each subject at the top of each webpage. These link to resources for you to use!*

6th grade math (first hour): Operations with Whole Numbers

6th grade math (fourth hour): Operations with Whole Numbers

7th grade math: Integers

8th grade math (third hour): Solving Equations

8th grade math (sixth hour): Solving Equations

Extra Math Practice Recommendations:

  • Big Ideas green 6th grade math textbook online!
  • IXL math skills practice
  • Khan Academy is available for extra practice, and also allows you to view teaching videos that explain how to do various types of math problems. Sign up and choose the grade level that you have just completed in school for a review of things you know and to learn a few skills you may have skipped!
  • XtraMath is great practice for anyone who wants to improve their memorization of their basic facts. In just 7-10 minutes a day, you will improve your skills and increase your speed on math computations! 

 Saint-of-the-Day & morning prayer:

For the Middle School daily assignments see Google Classroom or this daily homework summary link. If you encounter difficulties in any class, be sure to email the teacher and cc your parent.

For 6th grade Social Studies with Mrs. O'Dowd, follow this link to Mrs. O'Dowd's Website.

Technology: Click this link for the Typing Club website used at school.

Tests & Major Projects This Week:

  • Check the "stream" in your Google Classroom

Materials We Will Need:

  • Each student needs to have a set of headphones or ear-buds with a regular audio-jack (not BluTooth) that can stay at school to be used often.
  • Each student should have their own Texas Instruments TI-30XS Multiview calculator.
  • These two items are NOT provided in the pre-ordered boxed school supplies - you may need to order online.
  • General information about preparing your school supplies

Notices for Parents:

Students NEED to have their basic 0-20 addition & subtraction facts and 0-12 multiplication and division facts WELL memorized. Please practice by using daily at home until mastered. This only takes 7-10 minutes each day.

Please accept invitations to your child's Google Classes and help them check their assignments (posted each morning). This is the best way for us to communicate what your child needs to be completing for class.

Absent students are responsible for checking Google Classrooms daily and keeping up with their missed work. Parents need to email their child's homeroom teacher and the attendance line with the reason for their child's absence. Please communicate by 7:45 a.m. to help with accurate attendance recording!

For the Middle School daily assignments see Google Classroom and this daily homework summary link. If your child encounters difficulties in any class, be sure to have your child email the teacher and cc you, their parent.

Upcoming Events:

Check the school website and/or app on your phone for the school newsletter!

Thanks! to:

  • All of our WONDERFUL families for your support and help getting us off to a great start this year!

Birthdays this month:

Click here for birthday treat guidelines.

Website Wonders of the Week:

Link to Math Resources and Games Lists for summer fun and practice!

Hey! A Chigger Bit Me! a website for kids about itchy summertime pests and how to prevent or treat chigger bites.

Family Education is a site dedicated to helping parents take an active role in their kids' education.  Homework help, parenting tips, and more!

Celebrating Black History - Influential Black Catholics' biographies

Pacer Kids Anti-bullying site

Growth Mindset resources to explore

StudyJams for explanations of math and science concepts

Warren Buffet's "Secret Millionaires Club" for activities, games, and videos related to financial skills

Khan Academy "mappers" to practice math at your individualized skill level (remember to "Log In" to your account we set up at school)

SMART Goal-setting Strategy explanation

Learn about Internet safety with a wide variety of information & videos

LearnZillion for lots of explanations for math and English/Language Arts topics.

Dance Mat Typing - fun and practical typing games online

Try Arcadamics for great online games for math, English, reading, and geography! You can compete against the computer, or other online players. Set up a "private game" and invite your SHOJ friends to join you in a cyber-space race.

Here's a video about how to cover your textbooks to keep them in good shape!

Incoming 6th graders should be able to:

Look up a passage in the Bible when given the book, chapter number, and verse numbers

Recite these prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Act of Contrition, Grace Before Meals, Grace After Meals, Angel of God, & pray the Rosary (may use a guide, but should have the prayers memorized)

Have all basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts memorized through 12's

Know whole-number and decimal place values

Add and subtract decimal numbers and fractions

Multiply and divide decimals by whole numbers

Multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers

Multiply and divide with multi-digit whole numbers, expressing remainders as fractions or decimals

Measure length to the nearest 1/8 inch and nearest millimeter (PRACTICE this at home!)

Read and write fluently in cursive with correct letter formation

Read a map using the compass rose, legend, and scale

Copy accurately from a textbook or the board to their own paper

Write complete, gramatically correct sentences

Write stories and reports of at least 5-7 paragraphs

Look up words in a dictionary using the guidewords at the top of the page

Spell their complete legal name

Write their home address accurately, as it should appear on an envelope

Use online search engines and key words

Type using correct "home row" keyboarding skills (Use Technology link for online keyboarding practice.)