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Birthday Treats Guidelines

We welcome classroom treats to celebrate students' birthdays, but would appreciate the following guidelines being followed to make the experience fun, without taking up too much time or making a mess.

  • Please send single-serving size portions. Commercially made/packaged treats are preferred to help ensure that students with food allergies are kept safe.  If you send a giant cookie, or cake, have it pre-sliced.
  • Please send the necessary plates, napkins, or plasticware.  We do not always have these on hand in the classroom.  Napkins are usually plenty for cookies, cupcakes, etc.  Cake would need plates and forks.
  • Please send any drinks in pre-packaged single-serving sizes.  Drink pouches, boxes, bottles, etc. are preferred.  Do not send cups and a large 2-liter or pitcher of drink mix. (Drinks are not brought by most students, so do not feel this is a necessary item.)
  • Please do not send treats that require assembly at school.  For example, frost-it-yourself and choose-your-own-sprinkles can take up to an hour to distribute and assemble.  This is unreasonable.
  • Please avoid frosting in dark blue or black.  It inevitably stains shirts, fingers, teeth, faces, etc. and becomes VERY distracting to any kind of learning we do near treat-time.  (Black teeth make anyone laugh!)
  • Please avoid frozen treats, unless you make arrangements with the teacher several days in advance.  Storing them and eating them without too much mess often become problems.
Thank you for your help!  Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.